Wednesday, July 05, 2006


i spent ages today trying to think of something to post about, but pretty much drew a blank on everything. it didnt help knowing i'd thought of at least two things yesterday that i really wanted to say, but today had absolutely no idea what they were! but then i figured that, much as i love blogging, its really the comments that i like the most, and that spending more time on msn would probably work just as well. the only problem with that being that i cant get online after dark (which comes early to frosty hollow...), so i am back to square one.

but then God came to my rescue - i can talk about how awesome and wonderful and kind and loving and everything thats good He is......i only wish i could describe Him to you. even when i feel far away from God - which seems to happen a lot at the moment coz its hard to think about Him when you have to think about harmonising and weeding and sub-editing - all i have to do is thank Him for all He's done, and tell Him how great and and wonderful He is, and He's right there again. How kind is that? it says in the bible somewhere (i will check the ref. for this) that God 'inhabits the praises of his people'. He wont let anyone else have His praises, so by praising Him you get back in His throne-room which we can enter because of Jesus...who is also wonderful and kind and really glad we have eternity coz im not sure even that will be long enough to tell God how awesome He is!


  • good words as ever mandy.
    becki is getting four meg broadband...i'm sure she'll let you have some if you ask nicely!

    By Blogger FloydTheBarber, at 11:52 PM  

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