Thursday, July 06, 2006

discipleship evangalism

first off, i remembered what i was gonna post about yesterday - my fair lady. well, not the film itself, but rather something it made me think when we were watching it the other evening. there's a scene towards the end set in Mrs. Higgins' house which is beautifully decorated with gorgeous Voysey cabinets, Mackintosh furniture and stunning art nouveau wallpaper, and i was thinking about the graceful patterns on the walls and started wondering if God's house will have wallpaper, and if i think this earthly stuff is so beautiful, how breathtaking will Heaven's be? i cant wait!!

also, the verse i put in yesterday is Psalm 22:3 - in the KJV.

i dont know if any of you have checked ed's post, but he seems to have sparked an interesting debate on the topic of evangalism. i should probably clarify what i meant by discipleship evangalism - although its a concept i heard an awesome bible teacher talk about quite a long time ago, so you'll have to forgive me if i dont explain it properly/completely. basically the idea is that Jesus told us to make ''disciples' of all nations', not just converts, so although a person's salvation is secure if all they do is confess Jesus as Lord, there is in fact more to it than just that. we have a responsibility to see that people grow up as Christians and become 'disciples' - which i have to say i think most Christians do do. the next step from that was looking at how to reach out to people in a way that makes them see how Jesus is relvant to their lives today. i think what everyone said in their comments on ed's post was spot on - it's in our day to day lives that people should see Jesus and his full gospel worked out. i was thinking more, though, of the verses at the end of Mark (16:17-18) where Jesus talks about the signs that should follow believers. what if we could take these signs out to people just like Jesus, and then His disciples did, and show just how much He is longing to do for them? who then would pass up the chance of having a relationship with this awesome Jesus?

i dont think that's completely everything said excatly how it should be, but i will do a bit more research, and get back to you!


  • I think you pick up on a good point. The Bible doesn't have a category of someone who believes and then doesn't grow being "in Christ". So it is important that we look long term.

    On your Mark reference. I have to say that I don't think Mark 16v9-20 is actually real scripture (not because of its content which is largely duplicated elsewhere, but because its just not there in the old manuscripts).

    However, I'd agree that there are many markers of what makes a true disciple, things like that and many other things - and "The Marks of a Disciple" would certainly make an interesting blogseries for you to explore and share with us over the coming days and weeks! (please do. 1 John, Matthew 7v15-29, Philipians, Acts, 1 Cor 12-14, Galatians 5 would be great places to start to explore what a grace-driven disciples life looks like)

    By Blogger thebluefish, at 4:04 PM  

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